Are You A Pick Up Artist? Or Are You The Bait?

Not blinking one eye, as he looked straight in the camera, this average looking guy claimed to have bedded nearly two hundred women by using his Pick Up Artist (PUA) techniques. I couldn’t help but laugh. Not because he was the “average Joe” in looks. But his hubris was off the charts. Perhaps, that was what attracted the girls to him! Or could it be that many of these girls were simply naive? I doubt that. Not in the 21st Century. So what was it? Do we care? I believe many young men do care. So, allow me to show you the difference between the “smarmy pick up artist” and the “21st Century pick up artist”.

Interestingly, he did not mention the quality of the females he supposedly seduced. Which lead me to thinking “What kind of woman would fall for insincere ‘love talk’ from an ordinary looking guy?” Maybe these women are starved for attention! And he is not the only guy on YouTube to tout PUA for gaming the female. In my research, I found a few dozen. All with the same boring technique. All with the same zeal, leading to nothing and nowhere. All BORING! I’m sure he wasn’t picking up 200 girls he wished to marry. Don’t forget Casanova had syphilis. Pretty sure this guy was diagnosed with some weird disease. The PUA is a guy who puts it on thick and he is “on his game”. The Internet is inundated with ‘how to be the best pick up artist’. It’s up to you though, whether you want to be that “smarmy PUA” guy or that “smart PUA” guy. Trust me; you’re never going to run out of women to sleep with. The question is, don’t you wish to have some value? The 21st Century Man You Can Be is beginning to desire the girl with integrity and a bit old fashioned in her values, with an amazing spirit for success.

The values are in the process of shifting. The reason is that the 21st man who is on his way to full strength manhood is the bait! This means that you are the pursued. Women, as a general rule, are interested in connecting with a man. They use their highly effective, instinctual, time tested, female PUA powers to lure and hook a man they deem worth hooking. And they usually do get the man in their net. Brava for the smart female! Since women are growing in the 21st Century, isn’t it time for men to shift their PUA beliefs as well? Even women are on the prowl these days. Chances are, they can smell you before you get there. And most women don’t want the ‘smarmy’ guy; they want the ‘smart’ guy, strong, confident and interesting. Even if it’s merely for a night in most cases.

Most men today do not match up to the level of the modern female; they need tricks to draw attention from women. These pick up maneuvers, no matter how cunning, work only for the short term and generally on women whose quality is suspect.

Women of worth want a man of substance. The modern woman is more aware, educated, independent, ambitious, and healthy, lives longer, and in some categories, earn as much and even more than men.

In my book, The Man You Can Be For The 21st Century, I present the data that affirms women’s progress. A man who is solid in his masculinity or, at least, has a grip of the goals to gain it, does not need word games, bodily postures, and girl-boy coaching from a dude who slept with 200 women, to connect with the female.

A healthy man with normal social skills, polite behaviors, clean appearance, clothes that fit, and above all, a sense of purpose, are aphrodisiacs for most single women who are interested in connecting with a man. It doesn’t hurt to know the humanities either. More on that later.

The challenge for young men is to develop their masculine traits to their fullest that includes: The physical, mental, emotional, aesthetic, social, and spiritual. By striving to develop these essential aspects of masculinity and skills as a social being, he then grows into being a virile and strong man. Often equal to the numerous women who are now out performing and out smarting men in almost every important categories of life.

These types of men are in short supply and yet he is just the kind of man women want. Short supply with high demand translates into “Revaluate your PUA; you are also being hunted.”

Choose to be a modern man, a superior man, of this 21st century. A lot is changing in it and you have the opportunity to use these changes to your advantage, including relations with the opposite sex, if you are aware of what is happening and how quickly the times are shifting.

The Man You Can Be for the 21st Century offers guidelines that help spin your head in the right direction and moves away from ‘smarmy’ behaviors, that would otherwise put you in a room full of adolescent pick up artists, and in most cases, as the girls say ‘jerks’.