Mission to Manhood – For Men Now and in the Future

Being a man today is difficult.


Because  society treats young males as defective females.

The schools, policies, political powers, laws, and the media favor the female  while belittling the male.  The culture ignores what is unique and special to males and to  manhood.

The forces subduing male’s  dynamic, phallic energy  to mold  passive, obedient, and compliant effeminate  males  have  and continue to damage  masculine worth, dignity, and health.

“The Man You Can Be in the 21st Century”  makes  stand  against these forces.  It  sets forth evidence  to awaken young men  to the unfair treatment aimed at them for just being male.

The book also gives guidelines on how  to win over the  enemies, both visible  and invisible, that  are  subverting  a young man’s  opportunity to gain  material and personal success.

It lays out a high standard  for  being a man that is relevant for this  changing 21st Century.

It sets forth  a far reaching goal of  a complete, developed adult man who plans to live successfully  into his 90’s.

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